Schiermacher Outfitters

For the past 20 years, we have been supplying sportswear to clubs and national sports unions from all over the World. So, whether you need sportswear, training equipment or merchandise such af pennants or flags, we are ready to help with our professional approach and experience. No clubs, sports or nations are too small for us. We are always ready to dress your sports team.


The sports club partner. Total setup for all sports clubs where we supply everything the clubs need in clothing, equipments, merchandise etc.

Our mission is to be the No.1 partner. We offer a close partnership, where we provides several years of experience and can support not only merchandise but also offer to make sports camps, tournaments and other events.

With sports clubs and sport federations around Northern Europe and the rest of the Word, from Greenland to the Caribbean and from Africa to East Asia, our global partnerships contribute to the completion of our organization.

Every month, new clubs and federations are joining our community of sports clubs on all levels, from the grassroots divisions to the clubs of the UEFA Futsal Champions League. And we strive to satisfy and support every partner equally with our excellence customer support who’s always ready to help with big and small problems. 

Schiermacher Outiftters is proud technial partner of CONIFA, the Confederation of Independent Football Associations, who is the non-profit football federation for all associations outside FIFA, including nations, de-facto nations, regions, minority peoples and sports isolated territories.



Our Mission

  • To deliver sports and technical clothing that is capable of improving the performance of those who wear our brands and love sport.

  • Ensuring the highest standards in terms of quality and comfort wether it is clothing, merchandise or training gear.

  • Being chosen because we put passion into what we do, and that passion is something we transmit into our activities and products

  • We want to be your first choice wether you are athlete or a sportsclub.

Kelme is a Spanish sports company devoted to the manufacturing of sportswear with a special accent on the team sports, specially football, basketball and futsal. Kelme represents multiple big sports teams around the world including RCD Espanyol and Deportivo Alavés is the Spanish La Liga.

Precision Training equipment is produced by the UK manufacturer of sporting goods, Reydon Sports. Precision Training has an extremely large and wide portfolio of products for every sport in the world. The training equipment is used by some of the biggest sporting organizations in Europe.

Erreà Sport is an Italian company specialised in the manufacture of technical sportswear, and an international business active in 80 different countries.

Founded in 1988, Erreà is a leading brand, universally recognised as being synonymous with quality, expertise and competence in sports.