Full Custom Experience


We are very proud to present our newest service, FULL CUSTOM EXPERIENCE, where we allow our partner clubs to design players' clothing, team merchandise, and everything neccessary for you to look and appear as a top professional sports club.

Our Graphic & Design department is always ready to help you with personalising and customizing your club's next jersey and assist you in the process with graphical layout, designing, printing etc. 

For jerseys and training clothes, all products are provided by the Italian sportswear company Erreà as we believe that customized jerseys should be made by a company that are specialized in making sportswear and training clothes.

Erreà are the first teamwear company in Europe to have been awarded the STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX®certfication. The certification sets extremely strict limits for substances harmful to health, which is why Erreà's fabrics are highly safe in all conditions.


Are you also tired of playing in the exact same blue or red player jersey with three white stripes down the sleeve just like every other club in your league?

Finally, our partner clubs have the opportunity to design their own and unique player's kit which represents their true club colours and have all the details that help characterize the history of the club and the local city.

In Schiermacher Outfitters we care for our individual partners clubs, and we know just how important a good-looking home jersey is for the players and the supporters of the club. 

There is no sport, colour, design, pattern or ideas that are too complicated for us. All clothing are made with sublimation printing, and you can choose between many different types of fabric and find the perfect fit for your needs.

Revolutionize your clubs old-fashioned players' clothes and surprise the players and the club's supporters next season with a brand new customized Erreà jersey made of high-quality materials that will make you feel like a top professional sports club and make every opponent club jealous.

In August 2022, Erreà launched the new fully customized jersey for the Italian Seria B club, Como 1907, which have taken the internet by storm. ©Erreà Sport, Como 1907

Erreà and Como 1907 have chosen a matching design for Como's new training clothes. ©Erreà Sport, Como 1907


When we say "FULL CUSTOM", we mean FULL CUSTOM. Everything can be customized, and personalized - even training clothes.

For training and free time, jackets, training shirts, polo shirts and more can be customized to show the clubs colours and design and thereby make your players and staff even more recognizable and identical at all times.

The only limitation is your imagination.


In Schiermacher Outfitters we seek to become the total supplier for all of our partner clubs, and we therefire do our upmost to provide everything to our clients.

We have several years of experience with merchandise, and we make sure to provide the merchandise needed whether it being fans scarf, pennants, flags, beanies or driking bottles. Every fan needs proper merchandise, and we are here to help your fans getting products with your club's logo and colours - we even have an online shop where products can be purchased.

Please let us know if you have any requests or suggestions and we will make sure to find the right solution for you. We are also more than happy to assist you with graphical challenges and the designing phase, so we in coorporation can reach the desired outcome.


For players and supporters to wear in the cold winter months. Must have for every true supporter, for them to always wear their club's colours.


For the big games or just the local matches. Pennants for your players to give as a gift to the oppenent as a reminder of your club and as a memory from the game.


The best gift to your local supporters that can be used when attending every match of the favorite team.