Schiermacher Global


As our roots are in the international fashion and sports industry, and have been the last 25 years, our company offers foreign country companies all our knowhow, in how to enter the market. We offer our support in brandbuilding, sales, warehouse facilities etc.

We are the European Headquater for companies who need a close and loyal business partner.


Are you considering moving your businesses to Denmark, or expanding into the Scandinavian market?

We have helped multiple worldwide companies with counseling, sparring and support, and helped them deal with some of the minor entry barriers of different markets whether being clothing, beverages or life style products.

Schiermacher Outfitters has many years of experience, and we are experts in helping companies entering the Danish or Scandinavian market.

In July 2022, FA Sápmi's Women won the first ever CONIFA Women's World Cup in India. We are proud sponsors of both CONIFA and FA Sapmi.


Sports, and especially football, have always been in the heart of our company, and we live for the unforgettable moments that only happen in sports. Inclusion, diversity and equality are all key words for sport, but also important words for our company.

No club, nation, player or sports are too small for us. We do not differentiate between our customers and we are always happy to help our partners with sporting clothes, training equipment, and other products as well as planning of events and general support.

Our primary business is partnership deals with clubs and national federation around the globe, where we are coorporating with sports clubs in Denmark, Sweden, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Dominica, England and Malaysia just to name a few countries.

We are also official technical supplier of CONIFA - an football organization for football teams from nations and ethnic minorities that are not members of FIFA. 


Fashion is where it all began over 20 years ago, and today we still operate within the fashion industry. We are, and have been, agent and distributor for a countless number of international fashion brands and helped them to entry the Danish market.

In our product portfolio history, we have had every type of fashion product imaginable, and due to our huge network of retailers, we have always succeeded in helping our clitens achieve positive results.