Schiermacher Outfitters

The sports partner. Total setup for all sports clubs where we supply everything the clubs need in clothing, equipments, merchandise etc.

Our mission is to be the No.1 partner. We offer a close partnership, where we provides several years of experience.

With sports clubs and FA´s around Scandinavia and the rest of the Word,

Our partnerships contribute to the completion of our organization.

Every month, new clubs and federations are joining our community of sports clubs on all levels, from the grassroots divisions to the clubs of the UEFA Futsal Champions League.

KELME is a Spanish sports company devoted to the manufacturing of sportswear with a special accent on the team sports, specially football, basketball and futsal. KELME represents multiple big sports teams around the world including RCD Espanyol and Deportivo Alavés is the Spanish La Liga.

PRECISION TRAINING equipment is produced by the UK manufacturer of sporting goods, Reydon Sports. PRECISION TRAINING has an extremely large and wide portfolio of products for every sport in the world. The training equipment is used by some of the biggest sporting organizations in Europe.

CARABAO ENERGY DRINK is one of the most sold energy drinks in the world. The drink has its roots in Thailand, and have its international headquarters in UK. CARABAO is known for its great taste, wide selection of flavours. Carabao is also main sponsor of the English EFL-cup, also known as the Carabao Cup.